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DAB digital radio on your iPod

DAB digital radio on your iPod

The first ever DAB plug-in radio for iPods will be available in late autumn this year.

The device, from Roberts Radio and Frontier Silicon, will plug into existing iPods and turn them into portable DAB/FM radio players. In DAB mode, a small screen on the device will display the name of the radio station being listened to.

All leading electrical retailers, both independent and multiples, are expected to stock the plug-in which will retail for around £49.99.

With more than 13 million iPods already in the pockets of UK music fans of all ages - the plug-in is expected to boost radio listening on the move significantly.

Ralph Bernard, Chief Executive of GCap Media, the UK’s largest radio group, said: “We recognise the importance of putting radio into new devices and of keeping the medium relevant for a new generation of listeners. Adding radio to mobile phones and MP3 players means the size of the radio receiver market can double overnight, leading to more opportunities to listen to radio than ever before. So, it is important for radio’s digital future that we are available to consumers via market leading devices like the iPod.”

24th May 2007